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Meet The Creators of Puppy Pad Wizard

Our Yorkshire Terrier, Martini (“Tini”),
was the inspiration for the Puppy Pad Wizard.

Like with most puppies, housetraining was a struggle and took some time. And let’s be honest, it can be an on-going issue.  Tini took to doing her “business” on puppy pads after some training and it is a solution that still works well for Tini today now that she is 8 years old.

Tini was an only child for 2 years until she got some 2-legged siblings. As parents that have had 2 children in diapers and a dog using puppy pads – we know all about STINK!

The downside to puppy pads is what to do with them after they are used. Putting them in the garbage inside is too smelly and a trip outside to the trash isn’t always practical.

The Puppy Pad Wizard provides a solution for the used puppy pads that is convenient, odor-free and designed with useful and unique functionality. Most importantly, it was made specifically for dogs.

We are so excited to bring these products to all the Moms and Dads out there with 4 legged babies. Our products are designed to make the puppy pad experience a more pleasant and fun one.

This system really works and we use it ourselves every day. This is the solution you’ve been searching for!

Meet The Team

Katie Brennan


Katie is truly a jack-of-all trades.  Her experience ranges from sales to accounting to customer satisfaction and human resources.  Katie’s attention to detail and customer focused thinking make her an exemplary leader.  She manages most of the day-to-day, as most Mom’s do.  Contact Katie directly for wholesale opportunities.

Stephen Brennan

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Stephen brings over 20 years of high level sales and marketing experience to the organization.  Additionally, he is an entrepreneur himself.  He believes communication and trust are vital for a successful business relationship.   Stephen is responsible for all sales and marketing, as well as other business affairs.